Roothere can help you streamline your day-to-day operations by building and establishing customized IT solutions that will help you realize your business goals. Learn more about the industries that we cater to below.

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Our IT experts create systems in accordance with the HIPAA as well as to industry and government regulations. We design them to ensure that organizations can provide accurate billing to their patients and guarantee that their data is secure. 

From clinics and labs to hospitals, medical service providers, and manufacturers of medical supplies, we bring you solutions to increase productivity within your workforce and help you focus solely on providing the best treatment for your patients and clients.

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Finance & Accounting

Security threats are the greatest adversaries of financial institutions, which is why a strong and resilient system is fundamental to their operations. Our team can establish security measures not only to safeguard data but also optimize and streamline your transactions.

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Optimizing your daily operations while securing data and drawings for your clients can contribute to more productivity. Take on big contracts and projects by increasing efficiency within your team and target deadlines with ease.

Some of our clients:


We provide infrastructure services, programs, and software to help you manage projects, communications, proposals, design work, and finances. 

Some of our clients:


We make sure that your organization gets to handle budgeting and manage expenses easily to cater to your advocacy. Further, we can help you provide your community, donors, and sponsors with smooth access to your services.


Our team builds secure and reliable systems and networks to increase efficiency among employees.

We excel in streamlining tasks that require file management, documentation, and communication. 

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ROOTHERE IT Services is an American company dedicated to providing technical services to small and medium-sized businesses and home users.

We deploy innovative strategies to fit your business model and daily operations and ensure that your systems and services run as smoothly and securely as possible.